Puppy Petite Yorkies

Did you know that the second most popular dog in the United States is the Yorkshire Terrier? They are known to be very intelligent, confident, and very affectionate too! They have lots of energy, and they really don’t need lots of room – which is great if you have an apartment or small home.

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Puppy Petite has beautiful puppies!

If you’re ever in the New York City area, be sure to stop by Puppy Petite in Brooklyn. They have the most gorgeous puppies you have seen, including my favorite, the Maltese. The Maltese puppies for sale start at only $500! The puppies are all registered and have up to date vaccines. They have both toy and teacup sizes too. Check out this photo of one of their puppies:


If you have any questions, feel free to call PuppyPetite here: 718-236-7567 or visit their website: www.PuppyPetite.com